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Artist's Statement

I am a nature photographer born & raised in Barbados currently living in the Pacific North West of the US.

My photography is a celebration of the simpler moments of life. Life is complicated & messy and my camera allows me to simplify my world like nothing else can. I’ve always been a linear thinker but in photography I’ve been able to unlock a curiosity I didn’t know I had.

With my images I seek to ignite the imagination and the viewer’s sense of wonder. I most enjoy finding beauty in the less obvious using color and shapes to draw the viewer in. With a less is more approach and a special love of abstracts, my images tend to have a more minimalist feel in line with the way nature is able to quiet the noise of my mind.

If I can entice the viewer to stop, ponder or simply admire for one second of this fast paced existence, then I have made work I can be proud of.

Special Thanks

Special mention must be given to those who've helped in my artistic development over the years with teaching, advice or support, keeping me motivated to improve daily. It doesn't hurt that they are all talented photographers themselves. 

My Berries - You da best! 

Jerad Armijo - http://awayiflew.com/

David Thompson - https://www.davidthompsonphotography.com/Galleries

Sarah Marino - https://photos.smallscenes.com/Sarah

TJ Thorne - https://tjthornephotography.com/

Alex Noriega - https://www.alexnoriega.com/galleries

Jennifer Renwick - https://www.jenniferrenwick.com/gallery/

Serena Dzenis - https://www.serenavsworld.com/albums/new-releases/

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