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News & Appearances

Minimalist Photography Awards 2022 - 1st place - Landscape category - click here to view the images

Capture Landscapes "Photographer of the Year 2021" - click here to read the article.

Talking Landscape Photography- My friend Jerad Armijo and I sat down with some of the talent from down under Paul Hoelen & Luke Tscharke on their YouTube channel Talking Landscape Photography. We discussed the differences in our processes and how we feed off of each other despite our different styles. We also talk through some of our favorite images - click here to watch.

The Landscape Photography Show- I had a chat with David Johnston about "happy accidents" in my photography. You can listen here.

Fstop Collaborate & Listen podcast - I had a wonderful conversation with Matt Payne about finding my own path in photography. Take a listen here .

On Landscape - I was honored to be the featured photographer in an article written by Matt Payne.

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